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Trump’s Support Among Veterans Plummets

Poll: in 16-point swing, majority of veterans disapprove Trump


June 5th, 2017

NEW YORK – New polling data by Gallup shows that support for President Donald Trump in military communities has plummeted by 16% in the last month, and a majority of the military community now disapprove of Trump.

6/5/2017 NBC: Trump’s Support Drops in Military Communities

According to the polling data, 52% of the military community disapproves of Trump, and only 43% approve. Trump won these voters in November by 17%.

According to Common Defense Executive Director and Air Force veteran Pam Campos-Palma, “Common Defense has been organizing the veteran and military family community at the grassroots level in opposition of this dangerous, illegitimate Commander in Chief. Trump and his enablers are accused of conspiring with a foreign power, obstructing a counterintelligence investigation, among other failures- any of us in the military would easily be imprisoned for a fraction of this. The way Trump and his administration continually betray our country and the ideals embodied by our service has resulted in many of us feeling compelled to speak out.”

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