press release:

Trumps’ “VOICE” Hotline Overloaded with Space Alien Reports



April 26th, 2017

WASHINGTON – Today, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency unveiled a tip hotline for the new government office Trump announced in his joint address to Congress which is dedicated to advertising crimes committed by immigrants as a way to stoke xenophobic fears and racist stereotypes. The new hotline for VOICE (Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement) was quickly overwhelmed by callers mobilized by Common Defense to report crimes committed by space aliens, leading to lengthy hold times.

According to Common Defense Executive Director Pam Campos, the daughter of an immigrant family, “this office is a depraved and dangerous propaganda vehicle that exploits tragedy to fuel hate and division. Our commitment of service has no room for tolerating a xenophobic registry, which serves no purpose in helping victims of crime, and only exists to provide fodder for racism.”

Today is #AlienDay on social media, and provides an opportunity for citizens to reject the bigotry represented by VOICE and draw attention to the dehumanizing rhetoric used by this White House to describe immigrants.

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