1. Call the hotline.
  2. Fill out the form to the right and let us know you called so we can track the growth of this campaign.
  3. Tweet or post to Facebook using #AlienReport to spread the word, and tell others about the "alien activity" you reported!

“VOICE is a depraved and dangerous propaganda vehicle that exploits tragedy to fuel hate and division. As veterans, our commitment to service has no room for tolerating a xenophobic registry, which only exists to provide fodder for racism.”
— Pam Campos, Executive Director, Common Defense

Trump recently launched his Victims of Immigrant Crime Engagement (VOICE) office, including a hotline (1-855-48-VOICE) for reporting crimes by "illegal aliens." This is not a way of reporting crimes to law enforcement, it only serves the purpose of creating a registry of stories Trump and the anti-immigrant GOP can use to spread propaganda, and demonize our immigrant neighbors and family members by using racist stereotypes. We encourage folks call into the VOICE hotline to report encounters with aliens... of the Outer Space/UFOs variety. Then fill out the form so we can count your call and update you on UFO updates in the future!


Banner photo by Davide